Sunny slug

I have re-started running, but very gently. Almost back to where I was this time last year sadly, #couch25k.

Lovely morning, Cold wintery sunshine. Crocus are emerging in the St Pancras graveyard, bright blobs of purple in the green grass. The paths are green too with moss after all the rain we’ve had. Stopped my job to photograph the #Crick building, squatting slug-like in the pale sun, next to the British Library. Should be opening soon. I hope they invite the locals to view it.crick_camden

I haven’t exercised for several weeks, let alone run, owing to some bouts of dizziness that have left me feeling wobbly and weak. After visiting doctors, getting ECGs, checked for all sorts of symptoms (blocked ears, anaemia etc), there is no apparent medical explanation. I’ve been given some anti-vertigo pills. Now I can recognise when the dizziness is starting so I can take action, such as sit down (don’t want to fall over). I am practising controlling it through hyperventilation techniques (or take a pill in extremis).

Spoke to renal doc at last appointment, as I do feel my BP is too low. Especially after exercise. If I am ‘planking’ for instance, it takes me ages to get off the floor. I think I am over-medicated.  So we reduced my BP meds. I also plan to speak to the epilepsy team to ask about alternative meds for that condition.

Given importance of monitoring BP, I decided to replace my 10 year old BP monitor, which i won in a raffle in the US at a Foundation. After looking at reviews, I chose the OMRON M3.Tried it this morning after my run. Automatic cuff inflation (no more squeezing on the rubber bulb); it can average 3 readings and I noticed that the variation between measurements was less than with my old one. 109/65 today.

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