Regency cool

Haven’t run all week owing to heat and being in Leeds. Luckily, this morning was cool so I did the next run in the Couch to 5K series. Two runs of 8 minutes, plus 5 minute fast week intervals, in the leafy shade of Regent’s Park. I used to run regularly in the Park, it’s 5K in circumference and has many crisscrossing paths to avoid boredom. The formal gardens were glorious after the early morning rain.

‘Run’ is too strong a word, however, for my efforts these days. I got thru the 8 minutes without stopping but felt I was barely going faster than a walk. Not a very motivating experience. My right knee ligament (the lateral collateral ligament apparently) was aching throughout. I must find some time to go to the gym and ask for specific exercises to strengthen it. Don’t want to risk damage.

A v. good friend had a nasty road accident last week, broke all sorts of bones, is fortunate to be alive but will have to spend weeks recuperating. I worry about damage and illness. Someone asked me recently if I worry about kidney failure. I don’t worry about the failure; it’s the consequences that scare the heck out of me. Weeks not able to work potentially, with no or little income. That’s what ruins my sleep.

Back home, I listen to David Whyte on TED. He’s a poet of my ilk. I like the way he repeats phrases. He quotes another poet who wrote: “Why are you unhappy? Because 98.98% of everything you do and all that you say is all for yourself…and there isn’t one”. Just like this blog!


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