Prosecco glow

#Couch25k Session 4.2 completed! Nearly gave up. It’s around 7pm and still warm (22C), but I persevered in honour of the ‘paaytients’. I probably shouldn’t have had that prosecco for lunch but it was a super special occasion 😉  (I’ll write more about that when it’s public).

My pulse was still at 96, even after the final 5 minutes ‘cool-down’ walk but the BP was reassuringly low. I find it hard to cool down, as I rarely sweat, and just glow bright red all over. God knows what happens to all that water I drink.

It was a long day, was up early for a v important meeting at the European Medicines Agency building in their marble manor by Canary Wharf. My colleagues told me it’s built on ‘pharma money’ (as pharma pay a lot to meet the EMA) but I hope it’s not taxpayers. I wondered, idly, what would happen to EMA if the UK leaves the EU… I also met a marvellous Spaniard last seen in Barcelona 3 years ago, who kissed me in that gallant southern style.

Today I wore my ‘patient group rep’ hat. Only had a few words to say at the end, as the time allowed was short. Still I was tired on arriving home but I’m glad I dragged my shoes on to pound the streets. Came back via the canal, always a treat at this time of year.


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  1. Rob Finnigan says:

    Enjoyed the blog Tess and well done for sticking to the couch to 5k plan despite the Prosecco 🙂 Looking forward to hearing the ‘news’.

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