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Tess and Phil the Tumble Dryer at the Chasewater 5k

Tess and Phil the Tumble Dryer at the Chasewater 5k

Managed to drag myself to the gym on this chilly damp December morning. Glad that I did, of course. It’s just the palaver of working out what to wear on the way, during and the way back. But I am trying a new training regime and am feeling v determined. (More in the next post…)

I haven’t posted for a while. I had started a post after the Chasewater 5k but never completed it. Maybe because it was an exhausting event! The day was warm, the venue was delightful and I jogged slowly over 5k of fairly flat running paths around a watery blue lake. I was very nearly overtaken by a ‘Jamaican’ bobsleigh running team, but I completed the run and felt v good indeed.

Recovery was, however, tough. Immediately afterwards, I knew my blood pressure had plummeted and I rested against a tree for several minutes to avoid an embarrassing and probably painful faint. I stayed to welcome other runners and help with clearing up. But I didn’t get home until quite late, owing to interminable Sunday train journeys. Next day, I couldn’t get out of bed however. Ankles were extremely and surprisingly sore. Other muscles seemed OK. I guess the ankle pain was due to running on uneven paths. I reflected if I could ever run another 5k and decided to I need to work more on stamina.

Nonetheless, despite the exhaustion and the aerobic struggle, the whole day was exhilarating and inspiring. Kay and Craig’s families are super, dedicated to raising as much awareness and funds as possible in aid of PKD. In the Chasewater bar, over a refreshing cider, I got to know other family members. It was a treat to finally meet Phil ‘the Tumble Dryer’ (see photo), Kay’s brother. He not only ran the 5k with his tumble dryer on his back, but also pushing his small child in a buggy. He finished well ahead of me!

My thanks for a fab day out therefore go to Kay and Craig, and their lovely families. But I must also thank the #Couch25K programme for getting me around that lake!

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