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How much alcohol do you drink?

An innocuous question asked by a GP surgery nurse after giving me a pneumonia vaccination. It must have been on her checklist of ‘health’ questions to ask patients. I told her I drank wine, my weekly units were as per

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Sunny slug

I have re-started running, but very gently. Almost back to where I was this time last year sadly, #couch25k.

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Chasewater conclusion

Managed to drag myself to the gym on this chilly damp December morning. Glad that I did, of course. It’s just the palaver of working out what to wear on the way, during and the way back. But I am

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Hard pounding

Just completed the second of the 25 minute runs in the #Couch25k plan. Ankles, knees and hips hurt! Maybe because I was running on London roads, unlike the last 25 minute run on springy meadow and lanes in Derbyshire. But

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Memory meadow

Nostalgic run today. Am visiting family in village where I was born and grew up. I brought my trainers and ran this morning, #couch25k podcast, 2 x 10 minutes with fast short walk in between. A perfect day for running,

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20 minutes!

I dragged myself out of bed and am pleased I did as I managed to run (jog) for 20 minutes without stopping. The #Couch25k is working! Felt dreadful for 15 minutes but then the podcaster reminded me to breathe in

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Regency cool

Haven’t run all week owing to heat and being in Leeds. Luckily, this morning was cool so I did the next run in the Couch to 5K series. Two runs of 8 minutes, plus 5 minute fast week intervals, in

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A NICE endeavour

Stepping up the #Couch25K with 3 runs of 5 minutes, with 3 minutes of fast walking in between. I feel that my VO2 max is improving (a measure of my aerobic fitness). However, when I ran up a few steps

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16 midsummer minutes

#couch25k Session 4.4 Ran for 16 minutes, spread across 30 minutes. Including two runs of 5 minutes. Darn hard! Took the canal route to Kings Cross, weaving between the evening walking and cycling commuters. Quite cool, thankfully. Amusing moment on

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Prosecco glow

#Couch25k Session 4.2 completed! Nearly gave up. It’s around 7pm and still warm (22C), but I persevered in honour of the ‘paaytients’. I probably shouldn’t have had that prosecco for lunch but it was a super special occasion 😉  (I’ll

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