A NICE endeavour

Stepping up the #Couch25K with 3 runs of 5 minutes, with 3 minutes of fast walking in between. I feel that my VO2 max is improving (a measure of my aerobic fitness). However, when I ran up a few steps by the canal, I felt pain in my left knee.

I’d like to discuss the best type of knee strengthening exercises with an expert but can I trust my local gym’s trainers? My experience of them is mixed. They all have their variations. I am always interested in learning and applying the best techniques. I’m the sort of person who reads the manual. Evidence before anecdote however at all times, so I’ll do some gargoyling on the web before I meet any new trainer.

Underneath, I’m still feeling mentally and emotionally whacked at the effort to send in the best possible response to NICE, who rejected tolvaptan at their first appraisal. The consultation link was pulled a day early and I had to spend some time on Thu evening assisting people who were struggling to respond. Seriously unprofessional and deeply frustrating. Rang NICE at 9am and the link was restored a hour or so later. I know a lot of people have been able to send their comments, that is positive. Let’s hope NICE is listening.


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