20 minutes!

I dragged myself out of bed and am pleased I did as I managed to run (jog) for 20 minutes without stopping. The #Couch25k is working! Felt dreadful for 15 minutes but then the podcaster reminded me to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, and that eased the strain. Right knee didn’t feel as crunchy either.
I am still tired however. Thought I’d get a good night after not sleeping too well on Friday but I was tossing and turning, my brain buzzing again.
Spent Friday evening and yesterday in Leeds at the ARPKD Family Info Day. The children were brilliant. Well behaved, got on with each other and the ones with ARPKD are so brave. One had a feeding tube; a slightly built child contrasting with the chunkier kids of the same age. A couple of them are facing possible liver+kidney transplants. Such a young age and they might need kidney transplants later in life too. I felt weepy a few times and had to rush around to keep myself from getting upset.
At our ADPKD events, I’m surrounded by adults with kidney disease but yesterday most of the adults have normal kidneys. They are the carriers and the children have the condition recessively. (Not all the children inherit, it’s 1 in 4 for ARPKD). But I felt a strange kinship with those little mites.
DC is recovering. Hoping to meet in a week’s time. Am very muddled about future, and am trying not to think about it very much.
Trying not to think about the NICE second appraisal either. Everything is out of my control anyway.
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