16 midsummer minutes

#couch25k Session 4.4 Ran for 16 minutes, spread across 30 minutes. Including two runs of 5 minutes. Darn hard! Took the canal route to Kings Cross, weaving between the evening walking and cycling commuters. Quite cool, thankfully. Amusing moment on the temporary pontoon section, which bounced left and right over the water with the commuting crowds.

Crowds too in front of the Granary Building, watching the vertical fountains. I love the refurbishment of the area, the old Victorian canalside warehouses in between the modern offices. The tall graceful green and white cranes still in the sky.

Ran back via the industrial estate and the little modern houses that overlook the canal. I used to walk here with my temporary dog Lucy. On route back, I saw that the chunky red crane at the electricial substation has been replaced with a mighty mustard colour Ainscough. The work is going on til 2019, modernisation of the electricity power supply in the area and a lot of discreet tunneling.

Excellent meeting today of the Renal Transplant Clinical Reference Group. Discussing the 2016/17 service specs amongst other matters. The living organ donor reimbursement policy should be approved soon. Like all policies, it’s been stuck for months on the NHSE policy sausage machine. Looking around the room at the surgeons, I silently select a shortlist to do my transplant. I’d have to move home however to get the one at the top of my list…

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